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John Simpson CBE

John Simpson is the BBC's World Affairs Editor, the senior member of a team of London-based foreign and specialist correspondents and has recently been in Northern Iraq reporting on the recent conflict.

John is an accomplished public speaker and enthrals audiences across the world with his lively and entertaining talks and lectures. With over 30 years experience in international journalism he has the ability to cover topics from highly factual and intense World Affairs to more light-hearted and amusing tales from his extensive travels.

"I would like to thank you for your assistance leading up to Petrofac's Staff Day on 19th June. The event was a success and John Simpson's presentation and ensuing "Questions and Answers" session were absolutely riveting. Staff and clients not only enjoyed John's amusing anecdotes, they found the more serious topics he covered captivating. It was my pleasure to make his acquaintance and found him extremely amiable....." Petrofac Petroleum

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