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Jo Fairley

Co-founders of Green & Black's, Jo Fairley and Craig Sams have been hailed as 'Britain's coolest organic couple', and are now in demand for motivational speaking engagements across the business and environmental community. In telling the story of Green & Black's Craig and Jo are able to communicate the importance of corporate responsibility, and draw out issues of Fairtrade, and the environmental and socio-economic impact of business in the wider world. They also use their experience to draw on more traditional messages of marketing and branding along with growth and development in a demanding retail environment. Green & Black's is undoubtedly one of the best-known brands in retail, and is one of the very few to be fêted both for its quality and ethical credentials. The chocolate has everything: it's wickedly delicious, it's luxurious, and yet it is also good for the planet and for the people who produce it. No other brand has done more to convince the world that Fairtrade and organic methods of production are not only desirable alternatives to the norm, they're also extremely practical and viable.

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Business Motivational speakers, Conference Hosts, Entrepreneurs, Environment, Finance / Economy, Leadership, Marketing / Branding, Teamwork

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