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Jasper Shackleton

Jasper Shackleton, related to Sir Ernest, undertook an extraordinary voyage by following in the exact path - 200 hundred years on - of Lieutenant William Bligh when the mutineers had expelled him from The Bounty. Jasper’s was a self-built, precise replica of Bligh’s, open boat, sailing from Tonga to Timor, and on to Bali. His 4,500 mile voyage through coral reefs and facing huge Pacific rollers, was highly hazardous, and included a case of acute appendicitis while at sea, radio failure, near wrecking, sea snakes, deportation, hallucination and exhaustion. Jasper’s talk demonstrates all the key tenets of Leadership – including Vision, Target-Setting, Planning, Team-Selection, Skills Audit and Team-Building, Delegation & Accountability, Motivation, Crisis Management, Flexibility and Turning Adversity to Advantage, Follow-though and an Iron Will to Succeed. His talk inspires, and is highly entertaining.

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Adventurers, Nautical / Water Sports

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