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Hamish Taylor

Entreprenuer and business leader Hamish Taylor has a wealth of experience working within some of the UK's largest and most sucessful companies. Specialising in innovation and change Hamish draws on examples and techniques from a range of sources to create fresh new approaches to tackling issues in the business world.

From Brand Manager of toilet cleaners at Procter and Gamble to high speed trains as CEO Eurostar, Hamish has held some very high profile senior positions in a wide range of industries. He has also been dubbed the "master thief" by the Inspired Leaders Network due to his record of stealing ideas from one environment to use in another. Having used yacht designers to put beds into aircraft at British Airways and rugby referees to provide new approaches to risk/regulation management in Financial Services, Hamish will challenge you and your team to think further outside the box in your search for breakthroughs.

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Change & Change Management, Teamwork

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