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Divas Incognito

'Divas Incognito are an innovative and fun entertainment solution for a whole range of events including corporate functions and private parties. Since their inception the divas have performed to royalty and world famous celebrities around the world. Building on a successfully proven formula similar to their male counterparts Tenors Incognito, Divas Incognito involves three sassy and classically trained female performers who are also 'incognito' at each event - they masquerade as guests, event organisers, employees, chefs, venue staff... like the tenors, they can be whatever is relevant to the particular occasion. During the function they reveal their operatic vocal talents, presenting an arrangement of popular 'diva' numbers to an unsuspecting and admiring audience, culminating in a show-stopping finale. Eat your heart out 'The Three Tenors' - the Divas have arrived!'

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Comedy Presenters, Musical Cabaret

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