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Deborah Meaden

From an early age Deborah Meaden new she wanted to run her own business. Starting out with a glass and ceramics import company she has been involved in a great many areas of business, including retail and franchising and leisure industries.

With plenty of experience under her belt, Deborah took up a position in the family amusement arcade business, working her way up to Operations Director before moving over to Weststar Holidays. Within two years Deborah has been promoted to Managing Director and in 1999 she undertook a buyout of the company.

Using her entrepreneurial flare and experience in markertin Debroah went on to build the company into a leader in the industry. With it's sucess and prime position in the marketplace Weststar became a target for takeover, and after some failed bids Deborah sold the company in 2005.

Deborah's time is now occupied with her role in Dragons' Den and her investments resulting from the programme.

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Business Motivational speakers

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