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Motivational Business Speakers

Inviting business after dinner speakers to events can lift the proceedings to a new level. If you have an important corporate message to deliver, or are looking to inspire your team on to greater achievements a professional speaker may well be able to get your message across more effectively and with greater pizzazz than yourself or a business colleague.

Professional, experienced speakers deliver more than just words to an audience. As experts in their field they bring a wealth of experience from different worlds – sports, politics or business – and as each speaker has their own unique style and tone they can deliver your message or motivate and entertain the audience helping you achieve your objectives. These motivational business speakers are not only experts in their chosen field they are also excellent orators used to entertaining an audience. The benefits of inviting someone in to speak are far reaching, not least because your colleagues or clients will be impressed by the presence of a well respected individual even before they have started to talk.

Choosing the right business speaker for the occasion will depend on several factors, you may have a very specific message which needs to be communicated or you may be looking for someone who can tell their story, however far removed the facts of that story may be from your business, to energize your workforce and move them to increase sales, expand the business or create new opportunities.

Whether your goal is to impress clients, motivate staff, promote your business, or inspire at an annual conference, business speakers will give your presentation an extra special quality.

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  • Roger-Bootle

    Roger Bootle

    Authority on the World Economy

  • Nils Blythe

    Nils Blythe

    Former Director Communications at Bank of England & BBC journalist

  • Brian Cox

    Brian Cox OBE

    CERN physicist, bestselling author & popular broadcaster

  • Monty Halls

    Monty Halls

    Renowned explorer & adventurer

  • Misha-Glenny

    Misha Glenny

    Best-selling author and cyber security expert

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