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Amar Manzoor

Amar Manzoor is a specialist on the nature of economies. He is a certified 7Tao Grand Master of Industrial war. His primary forte is in guiding organizations how to survive economic depressions and collapses through world class business techniques. Amar currently lectures organizations who have intentions to survive the coming inflationary depression which will test the leadership of globally based corporations and businesses.

Amar has worked all over the world in all five continents covering the Aerospace Industry as well as supporting the Automotive industry in the arts of surviving the credit crunches, deep depressions, banking collapses, economic collapses and financial survival techniques in ages of great difficulty and retraction. Amar has written a manual in the arts of industrial fighting which is for sale in highly specialist bookshops and global business directories called 7Tao: The Art of Industrial War.

"He is very lively as he is very passionate about and has great belief in his subject … His message is very relevant in today's business environment what with the state of manufacturing, the credit crunch and the emergence of China as a global power … His style was very easy going but laced with the passion for the subject and a very nice sense of humour which proved a good contrast to the seriousness of the message he was delivering." Greig Sneddon, Continuous Improvement Manager, Johnson Matthey Noble Metals, 2009.

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