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Celebrity After Dinner Speakers

Talented after dinner speakers can inject something extra special into what might otherwise be just another humdrum event. Get the right person for the job and the whole thing will come together with a speaker who can deliver something that's not only memorable and inspiring for your audience, but is also relevant to the very reason you've got all those people gathered together.

A celebrity speaker will add a touch of glamour to your event and may attract higher numbers to attend. Journalists and TV presenters have fascinating insights to pass on as they lift the lid on what goes on behind the scenes, once the cameras stop rolling. And who wouldn't be intrigued to learn about the inner workings of the political process from someone who's spent years in Westminster? Or the way in which great drama is crafted, along with the mishaps and triumphs that are part and parcel of an actor's life? There are many great sportsmen and women who will share the secrets of their success and tell the story of how they got to the top, including the reality of hard work, dedication and personal sacrifices made along the way.

At a corporate event you may consider engaging a sporting after dinner speaker from the world of commerce and there are plenty of high profile business leaders who can really inspire your audience. The important thing is to get someone who's a good match for your company and for the particular event you have in mind. Many speakers will work with you and spend time researching your company and tailoring their words to hit just the right note.

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  • Helen Keen

    Helen Keen

    Award winning scientist, writer & comedian

  • Marty Wilson motivational speaker

    Marty Wilson

    Award winning comedian, International motivational speaker & best selling business author

  • Esther McVey

    Esther McVey

    Businesswoman, Privy Counsellor, political pundit and former Minister of State for Employment

  • Martin McCourt

    Martin McCourt

    Former CEO Dyson

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